Our Company

Vision Statement

I see McQuade Distributing as a company...

•That truly cares about its customers - both fellow employees and our valued retailers; 

•That recognizes if the customer wins, we win; 
•That is the customer's wholesaler of choice; 
•That involves employees, who are individually motivated, responsible, and who truly care; 
•That has a sense of family, where all employees feel they belong; 
•That is an enjoyable place to work; 
•That is a fun place to work; where people have fun working with each other; That is a leader in management style and technique; 
•That uses a team-style approach to solve problems and maximize opportunities;
•That has a "sense of urgency"; That has a sense that no matter how good the present condition or method, "better" is achievable; 
•That - at all levels - is willing to take risks, to challenge the status-quo in order to get better; 
•That recognizes the need for the continuous education of both internal and external customers; 
•That is the market service, sales, and share leader; 
•That is profitable to a level where profits can be shared in by the employee family; 
•That has "The Look of the Leader" in all aspects: attitude, people, facilities, fleet, and operations - in other words, an "Ambassador" for Anheuser-Busch; 
•That is recognized as a leading corporate citizen with an outstanding reputation for community involvement and responsible business conduct; 
•That carries on the tradition of respect in the community begun by its founder, Sam W. McQuade Sr. 

That is how I see McQuade Distributing Company. 

Sam W. McQuade Jr. 

McQuade Distributing Co Core Beliefs

" What we want a Fellow Employee to be..."


• It's not my job or your job, it's our job!
• Our goal is perfection!
• It is a "we" team! 
• Common goals are reached through cooperation.
• We are quality driven through teamwork.


• We have respect for each other's jobs, and work together to make our company something we are proud of!
• We are dedicated to honesty, integrity and respect for our fellow employees and our customers! 
• We accept accountability for our actions and performance.

Basic Beliefs

•We believe it's never enough! 
•The status quo isn't good enough. We strive to do better! 
•We are not afraid of change, but welcome it!

Guiding Principles

• We are proud of our tradition of dedication and service since 1947, and
• We constantly strive to maintain it! 
• Customer satisfaction is our only goal. 
• We are a company with high standards, deriving from honesty and integrity. 
• We constantly strive to improve through education and training. 
• We value the importance of community involvement.